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……..Far deep in        Mid -Earth , where  neither worlds collide , lived a beautiful enchantress .They called her Vangeli , she came from within the race of fairies called Veela , and mortal men would be forever enchanted specially when they perform their sweeping dance of love ,taking their hearts and mind as they follow blindly deep into the mystical world .

Wading in the golden waters , the other fairies gathered , waiting and urging Vangeli to continue her story telling . Yes , she
would on certain hours, tell the young fairies tales of old and new . The timing must be perfect , when the moon and stars are in a misty silver gloss and the lakes are golden in glow….and bubbles would raise from below , forming rolling rows of gleaming globes .

The “Egg Fairies “poured the grog and all  lay in waiting , for the story was about why a certain castle  was forbidden for any fairy , Imp and other mystic creature , to enter and step into .  This castle was high up in the sky…Thus as the night  , meets the day and gives a kiss , Vangeli starts her tale….It has been told  when the world was young , she started . A beautiful fairy princess , Gabrielle of the warrior race fell in love with a mortal prince …No one knew about  this love as man was wary about fairies .  Every day as the prince would go into the forest to hunt , Gabrielle would be there at his side , but he never knew this , he just felt something sometimes , would brush his forehead , a soft kiss from Gabrielle … So one day he asked their Sayer…”I want to see fairies and all things mystical “…he continued by explaining how he feels things when he is in the forest….Looking amazed the Sayer , obeyed but gave a warning  to the prince, ” You might not be as you are “! he cautioned …But the prince was resolute and he swallowed a  white and blue stone ,it glittered and glowed as he took it . ” Ah ! Sayer see, nothing is happening to me ,”. he said ,laughing . The Sayer bowed his head , his crooked nose touching his knees and whispered  magical incantations and looked up . Oh my , the prince every movement was glowing and fairy dust was following him all around . ” Hmmm, mumbled the Sayer, I must follow the prince, I do not exactly know the powers of this stone ,I gave the prince ..In fact he should have not swallowed it , but just placed it under his tongue…..Oh my, oh my !What to do ?” And all day , all night , the sayer worried.

The morning dew has just been placed by the soft mist , and the prince was off….he rode into the forest , Gabrielle was waiting behind the large vines and leaves  as he galloped by …In the corner of his eye , he saw a beautiful woman , in full armor,  her golden hair  crowned by sparkling jewels …Slowly , he stopped and pretended not to notice Gabrielle as she approached and stood beside him..he waited for the feeling he would get..but nothing.! ” I know what you did foolish prince “, she said .” Your every move has a trail of multi-colored dust . But are you ready for the consequence of your actions ? ” she asked .
As the tale goes …..the forest was listening !
Looking into her eyes , something magical occurred . He could read her mind , her heart and feel her love almost as if he knew her forever !… he tried to speak , as softly their lips nearly touching , when he was pulled away by the sayer !..”NO.No, No.!” you will be turned into a beast and lose your mind , my prince ! ” he shouted . Was it too late ,to save the prince , because the energy of lightning and forceful wind violently  shook fairyland and the forest . A Shrill shriek , cry was heard , as the mist cleared ,there was a vast clearing filled with Veela fairies , and the Queen was standing holding Gabrielle’s face…..and the prince in chains..
” If you really love him . he must die “, said the queen..Loud thumping and armor clanging resounded in the cold air . A cold chilling mist filled the lake as the young fairies held their breaths in a gasp ! A melodic harp was strumming an ancient song of dreams an old witching melody that only Gabrielle and the prince heard .
A violet green shadow of misty smoke , took shape….All were aghast with fear , ” We are the four spirits that roam the sphere here and the nether world . ” they spoke softly as they engulfed the two lovers. ” Come with us , to a place , if you dare ! “, they whispered….A strange odor , no sweet scent filled the clearing , “There you will forever be , and cannot return to your so called world . But , you will be together , never growing old , no pain nor hate, only ……..what your heart truly desires and feels.”
So deep were the meanings of these words….! When a white swirling mist embraced Gabrielle and her prince , raising them up high in the sky, and through the cloudy mist as the raindrops stopped a CASTLE appeared in the sky.  It was luminous and translucent….
It was said , that the stone that the prince swallowed , called it’s maker….And that it made a way for the two different beings to be together forever…No one can enter nor leave that place ,or they would die , as time is different there , a thousand in our years for one of our day…..So in a night such as tonight , when the clouds are golden and the air is cold , one can see the castle as it floats neither in a different dimension…And hear the lovers pledge of immortal love , as glimpses ghostly figures are seen looking down at earth and chuckles and giggles of children echo in the air.

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MY Watermelon ,,,,,,HEART !

Did you know that in the land of mystical fantasies , watermelons have existed for ages, just like milk
and yogurt and cheese .The inhabitants of the woodland are fairies who took  care of the  land the fruits and veggies. Their  kingdom is between peoples consciousness and twilight…Who would have believed that They existed ,we seldom see
them or not at all…..It takes a special gift , of vision to be able to see  !

One day in the edge of fairy woodland , after tending her garden and vegetables , Aria , ventured out beyond their realm .
She was so fascinated by a figure , a boy she saw before. The sun has gone down ,and the cool air was blowing softly . She could not
understand what and wh
y she wanted to see him , So cloaked in the colors of the forest she left the protection of the “DOME ” . The young man  lived in the village beyond the river , at night one could see the Village lights aglow in the dark .  Music and laughter could be heard , coming from the Village tavern ,so Aria glided
slowly and peeped at the window….she saw men and women drinking ale and a bountiful spread of food being served.
This is the first time , she had left the protection of the Dome…and her heart was beating fast….Why did she do this ? she asked herself , but her young heart was so erratic , she had to see the young man , the tall and sun-kissed color of his face , was in her mind all the time , this past week and she could not fight it no longer .
One by one she looked at their faces ,but nothing ! He was not there . Where , where could he be ? Oh ! maybe
he lives ,near the edge of the river where he tends his sheep and toils the land , she whispers to herself . So Aria quickly wished herself near the river , and saw a house ….slowly she peeped in ,there he was , cooking ,preparing food for his sick mother.   Aria tilted her head in wonder and amazement , why is the woman sick ? We have healing fairies , maybe she can help ? Looking at his face, made her heart beat faster and faster  and she couldn’t breathe .Oh , what is this feeling ? She watched through the night , just looking and wishing , until she fell asleep when suddenly the sun was out ……Her wings were hot ,so she wished herself back into the realm ..
Ooops !  the Guardian Fairies were at the forest  gates  waiting and looking for her ..! They were armed and in full body armor …ready to fight……….. .
The realm was in deep anticipation and fear that something has happened to Aria , for she was missing all night and all had thought she was abducted by the evil fairies of the Crystal Mountain…….Fand ,The queen of the fairies appeared and a silence covered the dome. ” Well naughty girl , she smiled did you enjoy your travels ?” A great hush
and as all eyes were on Aria.  A timid smile slowly was on her face , ” yes my queen , I have gone over the river , to where the mortals live . I was so curious about their life , and……..and , I was searching for a boy , he looked so interesting ” ….and she knelt and trembled in fear ….Raising her wand , fairy dust sprinkled in the air , and sparkled.
” Today we have all gathered here to search and protect one of our own , be it known and remembered it will be so for everyone in the realm . And it will be ,as long as fairy land exists .” Raise , Aria, just be more careful and be more considerate of people who love you . Go now and rest .”
Once again , calm and content covered the air , as everyone flew ,vanished and disappeared to their hidden abode in the forest deep . One could only see fireflies buzzing and dancing under the multicolor beam of the moonlight ……..As Aria curled in bed of leaves covered with flowers, blowing fairy kisses across the river as her mind wanders into dreamland , of butterflies, and bumble bees and honey lemon scents that filled the night air .

In the magical land of dreams and fantasy , where extraordinary is considered an ordinary occurrence , a fairy was experiencing how it is to be in love . Her mind and thoughts were of the mortal  , the young man across the
river , wishing and wondering when she could see him again . So she decided to seek the help of the enchantress fairy , on how to see him and him to see her . For it was said , that mortal man was to be avoided , for they do not understand their ways and  death would follow . Aria told her how she felt , and what she saw , and about the sick mother of the boy across the river . The enchantress hollow tree , glowed and twinkled as aromatic mists floated and swirled around the room , “these are my helpers “, she whispered ,They can go anyware and take form and shape without being being harmed , I will see now,what you are saying is true or not !”  . And as the willow bended and danced the misty smoke was gone , they were off across the river , moving in a stream of colors and stopped at the young mans house . A strange shape of an old woman appeared ….and knocked on his door . A tearful man opened the door , his mother was dying he said ,”but please come in , you must be tired and hungry .”  Tear drops rolling down his face , he gave food and returned to his mothers side . The rooster made it’s loud call , it was dawn . The young man opened his eyes , looking for the old woman , she was gone…looking at his mother she was smiling at him . How can this be ? he thought , what happened , was it just a dream? His mother was well again !

So like the winds  , time has moved quickly ,in  fairy land , so does it move by  triple leaps in mortal land . The boy has turned into a man and still Aria dared not venture out of the dome . Only following the man across the glass
shield watching him . She was afraid that he might runaway if she appeared or showed herself to him .For the enchantress , has warned her that there will be a horrible consequence that will happen when …..So she just watched and watched , everyday…as her love for him grew and grew . Until one day a wild boar was seen ravaging his field, which he planted with watermelons . Daily he tried to catch the huge animal , and it eluded him skillfully . The beast was huge and hairy it’s thick tusks gnashed  the delicious watermelons as he ate , leaving them scattered on the open field , leaving almost nothing for the man to harvest and sell . SO the man set a trap of vines and wooden sticks to try and catch him .
One night as the moon was in it’s fullest , the greedy beast was approaching the watermelon field , his hooves so large that with every stomp ,the earth would shatter and tremble…he smelled nothing but food and the sweet nectar that the watermelon offered …….The man , was waiting hiding under the huge vines and leaves in the field . In his haste , the beast’s hind legs were snagged by the snare ! ” I caught you !”, the man shouted . now die !
But the wild beast stood his ground and shook his gnarly head and prepared to charge . A loud eerie sound was let out by the wild boar as they clashed and the earth shook . This was heard by Aria , and quickly she flew to the other side of the river , leaving once again the protection of the dome . She was so alarmed by the shrill sound , it sounded like death howling …… “No , no , no please let no harm befall him ,” she shouted . as she approached . The wild beast was about to gnaw the mans back . With one loud scream she leaped and stabbed the beast with her small dagger. But it was no match for the thick hairy hide of the boar , it began to charge again , the man stood up and placed himself between the boar and Aria , hitting him in the chest !……..And blood gushed abound.
The heavens must have heard her cry as Aria rushed to his side , a strong gush of wind  blew that it blinded the man , he closed his eyes in pain . All he could hear was a whistling  sound of  shrill blades and long grunts of pain ….For the Guardian Fairies four in number has slain the wild beast ,  in aid of Aria who called them to help her to save him….As he opened his eyes , he sees her radiant face for the first time ,  and golden tear drops falling down her cheeks …..”I will save you , my love ” she whispered . Taking out her heart , and placing it in his chest as fairy dust danced and healed his wounds……Let it be said that legend has foretold
of the great consequence , and now it has come full circle …..Aria gave her life, her heart for a mortal man , a man she loved for so long and yet he never knew . A great sorrow engulfed the realm of fairy land . The Queen lifted her lifeless body as butterflies circled and birds sang and trees bowed in awe , bringing her back to fairy land .

She looks back at the man , crying for now he had Aria’s heart , and now he can see and understood what had happened . And gives him a smile , “Do not grieve , Aria and you are one now …You now can see and feel the magical love that is endless . Plant this and be happy. ” The queen handed him a  heart filled with seeds , water melon seeds brightly shining as the sun’s rays illuminated  them .

It was said that  MAGIC  happened that summer ……….
The man was last seen entering the deep forest into the magical land of dreams and hope and endless love ,       carrying a baby fairy …….he called ARIA .!

Once again ….Raising her wand , fairy dust
sprinkled in the air , and sparkled.
” Today we have all gathered
here to search and protect one of our own , be it known and remembered
it will be so for everyone in the realm . And it will be ,as long as
fairy land exists .” declared the Fand the Fairy Queen !

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Creatures with the head arms and chest of a man but the legs and lower
half of a horse.

Liminal beings, caught between the two natures, embodied in contrasted myths, both as the embodiment of untamed nature, as in their battle with the Lapiths, or conversely as teachers, like Chiron.”

It was the time of wonders and mystical magic , deep in the Mountain of Pelion and the region of Magnesia.
lived the CENTAURS ….half horse , half man….!  Thundering hooves broke the still silence deep within the forest.
Aggripas was herding the horses ,. the daylight was always peeping through thick branches .  it was nearing mid-day
and time for a head count…The cool air and misty path was filled and shaken by massive steeds of brilliant covered manes , all rushing down to the river  for their drink of silver cool sparkling water . Leaping and galloping through the path Aggripas would be seen racing to reach the river bed , giving a strong but firm command to the wild horses
“faster, faster !,” he shouted . “We must reach the river before it becomes too hot to drink.”

Blowing his horn , to hasten the herd , making sure that all the wild horses make their way as fast as they can !
The river God Peneous was eagerly waiting for Aggripas  each day, for they would chat about the life in the lowlands
and how it was affecting the rest  of the land. A cool breeze slowly flowed as the horses drank and frolicked .
Aqua , from the mountain streams bubbled and soothed all the horses , specially Aggripas…it made him strong and  and most of all a certain wisdom was always infused . It came from the ripples who always talked so fast that it made his head dizzy …but news is news and he tried to keep up every day  . The ripples of water were talking about AIO ,  and his quest for love and equality . Today ,they bubbled excitedly ,for as they passed and flowed through the  forest , there was a a fight between the clans…….on who

will be the rightful KING of the CENTAURS . As for centuries ago , they have been put into shame .and since then there have been a struggle on who will be King . A lot of his friends joined this battle and have been hurt !  This has to stop , Aggripas  told himself , we might be wild and partly untamed but there is always a big part deep inside us that speaks WISDOM and TEMPERANCE , after all , Centaurs
have both beings !
So as he returned to his home deep in the mountain, racing and leaping together with his herd of wild horses, he was asking the gods to send him a sign or something to help him , stop this war amongst themselves.  “Aieee…..Open ! ‘ he shouted , and the thick branches and vines Lifted and twisted to let them pass ….At last they were deep within the cool  caverns of the mountain , where blue-green stalactites and stalagmites  show off brilliant multicolored crystals of luminance , lighting all the cave….One can say it was an underground palace made by Mother Earth ….as bubbling beads of mountain aqua slowly drop , Aggripas knelt down and gave thanks , all is well and safe within his home …and the whole herd was at peace. While deep in slumber , the goddess Hera sent a him a gift , in his dream he saw a shiny ring , gems of radiant colors, the gold that encompassed it came from the deepest bowels of the earth…”Use this wisely my son, each color has it’s own power , greater than man can imagine ! “.

The Golden Ring , that would decide the lives of the centaurs ……! What would he do , he was just a herdsman . Little did he know , the golden path that laid before him , as he awoke from from his dream.. The Ring in  his finger
glowed and spoke clearly…. “The four points represent the north, south, east and west of this land  . You now have the power….use it wisely Son of HERA..! ” A blurred image of Hera appeared in his mind ,smiling. All these years, he
has secluded himself , tending horses and in the deep forest apart from the rest, And now, he held the power to unite and make peace for all.   He looked at his herd of stallions standing proud and restless , they knew the task ahead and they were so eager to do his bidding. The winds now blew and whispered what has taken place, and all the centaurs were in an uproar. The untamed spirit inside them cannot accept this , some took to arms against Aggripa , and others took his side for unity and peace….Thus a battle cry was heard in the deepest pits of the forest  the day is now at dawn…..Majestically all in battle armor ,  the centaurs hummed their battled chant ,thumping and clashing weapons, that shook the ground and made the  tremble.
Coming  down from the mountain ,Aggripa rushed to stop the bloodshed  …..It was his chance and time …

Mother Hera he cried, be with me ! The loud thumping stopped , as the strong winds swirled and circled  around the war razzed Centaurs , they could not open their eyes , nor lift their weapons,  vines  have gotten hold of them…As much as they tried the grass , roots have grown   taller that prevented  movement .
Aggripa , waving his hand, the ring  all aglow ….Magic filled the air…”let anyone who has not longed for peace  and harmony stand now before me . Let every centaur who defies what is good, step forward. I will now sever his being from his other half..!”  Looking at every centaur , he saw tears in their eyes , a blue and violet mist covered the field. Looking at his ring , it glowed the same color . It was emitting a strange light that made everyone calm and serene……Putting down their weapons and weeping . “We are so few in numbers yet we are strong in character , deep inside all of us is the logic of man and the wisdom of the ageless, for we have witnessed man and life since the beginning . Shall we not use this for our own benefit ? Let not any drop of a Centaurs blood be wasted this day on !” his voice echoing through the valley and the deep caverns of the mountain . Let not our untamed nature be a hindrance , in fact make it an advantage for adventure and discovery , ” ! Now a red pinkish mist engulfed the valley.
their dark faces glowed of understanding….I will not be King, but your adviser , Aggripa declared…Every tribe and clan has it’s faithful  elder, and that is what it should be…”!

A loud roar ,echoed and thumping began, but it was not a heavy  thump….the centaurs were dancing ,prancing
and celebrating their triumph . Yes , many, many years did they survive , teaching and sharing that , when preserving life a golden mists appear and ..… I pluck my golden harp , sweet melodies and tales of old once again emerge to be told ….once again.!

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CinnaBonn & DraC…..Magic !


AS w e look at life , and we evaluate who we have become , so should we look at who are friends are !

In the land of the great  divide , where all  your dreams and fantasies are possible , lived  Cinnabonn , a
woodland fairy . If you are wondering why she was called as such ( Cinnabonn ) , well the truth is………it is a
secret .

But let me take you on this dreamland experience , like I said , where all things can be possible and all things
are beautiful and never ending ……just like magic , wishes come true ! The early light has just began to peep
through the sleepy clouds ….floating , stretching and glimmering golden hues of sun rays appear .

The sweet dew drops shine on the leaves and the blades of grass . All the woodland creatures are stirring
to greet the new day . We find Cinnabonn , still curled up in her bed of soft petals . Music fills the air , as
harps and flutes float in mid-air and the breeze blowing  through , creating a wake up melody for all to rise.

Cinnabonn , opens one eye and smiles as the sparrows helps her out of bed , you see, her wings are not
fully developed yet .  But that is no matter , she always manages to do her thing with the help of the
butterflies , and the birds . As the morning light grows , it shines on her hair , making it turn into rainbow
colored gold strands , shimmering , and glowing . “AH , What a lovely day !”she exclaims . And tumbles down
to a silver pond , to wash her face . The air is so sweet , filled with magnolia , honeysuckle , vanilla mix
essence ….”AH- Choo” ! ooops, she giggles , the morning dew drops tickled her nose .

Everyday as always , she lets her long golden tresses flow with the silver dust and plays with the mini
mermaids , who comb her hair .

In this land between the great Dive , also lived DraC , a mini dragon , who always watched over Cinnabon .
Perched on his magical rock , always ready for anything. For you see , even in the woodlands , there are
evil , and mischievous spirits and fairies.  Who always , make things miserable and hard for the good fairies.
So , DraC took it upon himself the task of “Protector “. He might be scaly , he said, but I can be a hero !
Besides , he added my scales are magical , and nothing can hurt me .

Well, one rainy day, as the strong wind was howling and ripping through fairyland , Cinnabonn was nowhere
to be found , DraC  , searched the blackened waters of the river , under the rocks and leaves of maple, but
no Cinnabonn ….He let out a great roar , that shook the kingdom , as his fiery breath lighted his way .He
was hoping Cinnabonn , would hear his roar ……He knew that her small wings would be no match with the strong
rain……Thoughts of fear suddenly entered his mind . Was Cinnabonn captured , hurt by the evil Mondrag
fairies ?

Deep within the bowels of the mountain , Cinnabonn was in shackles , captured and tormented by the evil
Mondrags ….They blasted her mind with tormenting dreams and was trying to takes away her hope and
love for all things good . So much pain and suffering ,flashed continuously , that she let out a shrill scream
to die. Yes, she would rather be dead than to transform into evil . Laughter , filled the cave , taunts and
shrieks of tormenting sounds . High above , DraC circled and burrowed his way , melting the rocks , turning
them into lava…..His beautiful scales turning into golden gems , ruby, emeralds and diamonds that made his
shape transform ……yet he did not notice…..

With one long and loud roar…..lava flowed into the cavern, his Tail sweeping one by one the evil within .
At last , seeing Cinnabonn, he broke her shackles and lifted her out into the black thundering skies , into
safety . Falling into deep sleep , DraC found himself totally different , he was dreaming , and was feeling
a little pain . How can this be ? He quickly gathered his thoughts and stood up……Hmmmmm , Stood up ???

DraC …….was no longer a mini dragon …….He is a wood IMP …..Oh my goodness . And so good looking at that!
Of course , he kept his dragon long nails and multi-gemmed wings and all that is magical about him .

You see , with every good deed done , a new great transformation happens in our lives…we become “HEROES”
in our own sense . We transform to save a friend , we transform for love of another…without knowing …!

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Why did ….YOU ?

When I stare within myself , thoughts , whispering dreams that dance and swirl ,  as golden drops of tears are falling , My Mind asks,
“Why did….YOU?”

Out of the vast horizon , the cold dark wind blew away my dreams . You promised me forever , yet  forever is gone . I see my face , crying once
again . Tears flowing with every thought , tears falling with every dream forgotten , tears rolling down my cheeks as every heartbeat cuts like a knife .

Is this what we call “LOVE” ? Is this what it feels to be in love ? Do I really know , what love is ?  I am looking for the feeling , I am searching deep
inside my soul . As I have become so numb with pain …. Where is the truth , where is the rapture of being loved..?….So many words spoken , yet all of
them mean nothing….meaning nothing to him nor to me ! Do I need to read between the lines of yesterday ‘s writing on the wall ?     Oh No ! I don’t
want to see , I don’t want to hear nor  do I want to touch on anything that reminds me of this so called “Empty Words”  that they are  INVISIBLE
uttered maybe out of …….???

I’d rather be blind , than see all the lies , all the deception , or should I say Fantasies written , to fill a void in my life , our life….to suit a purpose..  I will
have no part of it , anymore…..I just gave a part of myself again . Loving an illusion of  the past ,  of the future ??? …..How foolish of me, once again .       What made me think
that it would be different this time ? What childish dream did I hang on to , to believe that …..He would change , and be strong for both of us ?

I can’t hide my pain , I can’t hide my tears , my heart is in torment …and you are the cause ….Why did I believe you , again ? Why did I love you like
I use to , and even more than before …. I am drowning in my own sorrow . I just can’t imagine , that the second time around it would be the same , and
more unbearable pain , that rips my heart and  numbs my mind .   I feel so stupid and foolish just like before….Every time I breathe , it hurts and I can’t
help it …And I cannot pretend , how I feel , I can’t help it .

One can see the pain on my face , there is no hiding , as the rain pours down my face ……Hot tears , burns as it rolls down my eyes …My very sad eyes,
say so much , but you can’t see… never have ….You have been so involved with …..yourself…!

Do I even know you at all ? Who is this person that I , again gave part of  my life to ?  Has the years apart , made such a drastic change in you ? That
to give true love is hard for you . When did you become , like this , a  Monster !

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