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DOM….The Dragon

……Have you ever seen a dragon ?
DRAGONS lived  in the time when men had magical powers and great wonderful deeds were done by both.
Deep in the depths of the sea , among the floor beds , huge sea anemones bloomed . They were no ordinary sea creatures for
it was said , that when they bloom and start their dance with the waves , the dragons emerged and began their life .

They had a multitude of magical powers , being able to breathe underwater was one of them . These magnificent  creatures varied in color and size . Perhaps , their special powers ,
also came from these sparkling colors .  Their eyes were
sparkling gems of ruby, emeralds and diamonds ,and  some had eyes behind
their enormous heads , which made them more powerful …….The sun was
brightly shining on this  summer day ….

The world was not as it is today ,  it  was  fantasy
unimaginable  in every wave , one can see  magic in every whistle of the
wind . The Mermaids were playing on the shore ….….leaving their tails and walking on land . It is
the time, that Dragons are born
, the time of year
after one hundred turns of the sun that finally the special sea
anemones would burst out silver , gold , magenta , and sapphire
sparkling translucent bubbles , that floated and rolled and hardened to
become the shell  of the baby  dragons…..The mermaids were the
watchers , making sure that all the bubbles that
floated were safe. These were very special dragon eggs.. At
night , when the temperature of the sea has gone cold , the mermaids
covered the eggs with  fire corrals  for protection and heat. A row
of roving moray eels , would be seen slithering about  dutifully
standing guard .
Deep within the farthest caves of
the sea the older dragons would leisurely  take their time as they
smoked and puffed the delicious sea weeds that grew in giant
proportions giving nourishment and home to the different fishes that
swam the ocean.

As our tale evolves around Great Dom ,
as he was called , drowsily making smoke bubble rings in his dragon
lair , had an idea , he would try to unite all the Dragons. Why not ?,
he told himself , we are so special , and yet we declare war amongst
ourselves ….”Then all fighting should cease ,” he snorted, as more
tiny radiant bubbles sprayed around the lair .It is that time of the
century that dragons are born and just the right moment to be joyous ,
as they will multiply in numbers . And he snorted some more  , until his
eyes could no longer fight the sleep that rocked him , as the current
rolled from side to side . caressing the
sea dragon to dreamland .
As these special beads took form and hardened , rocking and floating with each current that breezed by , one particular dragon bead was glowing . And a tiny hum could be heard , I would almost say it was a soft ” squeak ” , as it jumbled among the other beads . It was nearly time for these special beads to hatch and become the great magical dragons  !
Down in the caverns , where the mermaids dwell , all waited in anticipation…For they were also the keepers of the “Book” , wherein all names and gender of the dragons were kept..So as the current flowed , they waited and waited and watched .

As one can see, they were special mermaids , who also walked on land as well as water , and all was written in the ” Book ” .
Crackling noises and scratches were heard that night as the fire corals covered the beads . And by the break of the morning light when the sun was peeping just above the horizon , as pink and orange rays emerge , a New Baby Dragon was born ….Quickly the
mermaids , scooped them out from the flowing bubbles that emerged and laid them on a large clam bed .
Such a sight to see , a baby dragon fast asleep…in a clam shell !  Dom , was so proud , he swaggered close , to see ..Soon there will be more , he told himself , and snorted and tilted his snout with glee ! As a spray of white foamy silver bubbles softly floated by . A  new age of peaceful dragons , at last ! The thought completely engulf his war torn body…Peace at last !

He had asked all the Mer people to hid his plan . And this was to be carried out swiftly .!  As time is magical in the world of fantasy . The dragons soon popped out of their beads , and started to develop. They were guided and taught LOVE , HUMILITY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS…These four basic virtues , were the key for their survival . One by one , they were made to understand the ways of the dragons, …They  killed each other for greed , power and supremacy and now it is time to change all that , as foretold by the sands of time….

There is no time in magic land , so the dragons have grown  almost in an instant….Drago , the first baby dragon born of the new era , was a curious one …Everyday as the Mer people , swam the oceans and seas with the horde , teaching them all that is good and should be preserved , Baby Drago would hang on to their toes or bite their tails as they swooshed under caverns and giant kelp .

Drago knew about MAN , and how he as a dragon is a ” Brother ” to man…He was told not all men are worthy to be brothers , but
there are those who hold the same heart , and power as he does …..SOooo , each day as they glided in and out of the sea , Drago always kept an eye, looking for a man or woman …” I’ll give this a test”, he said , in his heart …. one day saw a man , on a ship , and playfully , he gulped in water and sprayed the poor man . Drago popped his head out of the waves…to see what happened !

Of course , drenched as he was the man stood up and reached over the rail ,and saw a dragon ,  face to face ! The dragons face was so close that he could feel the cool hiss as it blew his hair and more foamy spray covered his face . What a sight so behold, so funny actually .. “He must be a brother” , Drago thought .. He is not afraid of me .. Hmmmmm, I will try another day  again .

In the Book , certain people are innate with magical strength and knowledge ….And Drago , was looking for his equal it was written , ages ago.
The Mer people always advised them .to be wary of false persons and that in the world there is good as well as  evil , so is it ,  in their world .

As the sands write the story , a great war was brewing amongst the old Dragons . They are getting restless and impatient from not fighting , it has been 1000 years in our calendar , and only a few months in their time… They  have grown fat and lazy and idleness made them bored …and the blood in their veins are calling them to battle once again .
Dom , could not prevent  it, for even he felt the urge to fight plunder and conquer …They are The  Mighty Dragons after all . Sadly a great assembly was called , The skies , fell to darkness , as the winged dragons blocked the sun in their magnitude…. The air was blacked with soot , and hail stones falling from the sky. Bursts of fire and blue ice cold be seen in the sky. And they came flying from far away…From the four corners of the earth they flew, high in the sky , over mountains , forests and beneath the seas ,  to finally converge and seal their faith . The battle is to the death .

All of Faerie Land was in battle gear . They too , are affected by this battle  . Their civilization also might disappear .
The land prepared for the coming battle.. The Queens from every kingdom waved their flag of battle , and elves , gnomes and all magical creatures took refuge or gathered together to fight and fortify themselves against the doom that loomed. All spell binders , looked in their calderas and shuddered at what they saw . The moon had it’s eyes closed , as thundering flaps resounded , tress of old bent and cowered ,  the mountains blew fiery smoke . When  these Magnificent Dragons of every shape , size and colors   passed by .

They are everywhere said the Fairy Queens , ” We must stop them ! Or all Fairy Land  will be forever lost . ” But who will be brave enough to speak to them ?, cried all.. Fand , one of the fairy Queens stood  up and waved her wand , and called upon a Huge Black Eagle , one of the only few left, and………Whispered incantations , in a language that sent shivers down everyone’s   spine, no one could move …but could hear in their minds. She had ordered

Fly , fly high , over mountains and forests and seas , and search for the Dragon and Man who will reunite the worlds together again .One of pure heart , who is destined to save the fairy land and the dragons from oblivion  . A great hush covered the land as the Black Eagle spread his wings and  flew higher and higher till he vanished in the dark sky .” Continue , will all battle stance ,!” she shouted , “We must be prepared , if the black Eagle fails ! ” and all followed.

Drago , dressed in his battle armor stood on a rock looking at the sky , as the Black Eagle encircled above . He could hear what the eagle was saying  !
” What ? ” he said , “Me …? But I’m only a baby dragon , How can I do such a magical deed  ? ” he answered . ” You were taught in the new ways , have faith and all will be accomplished .” said the Black Eagle …” Come , follow me , we have no time to waste, the older dragons are nearing the center of  fairy lands domain.
I must now find the Man….Swooooh ! and they were flying with the four winds…Drago was proud to help save the world . At least , he was given a chance .
Dom , the older dragon , heard all this and  flew quickly to the magic forest , where a man lived….He must seek him out . This man is a brother , of the dragons and only he can accomplish this task….as it was written in the Book of Dragons , he remembered … Deep, deep in the magical forest , Dom , searched , calling out , ” Brother , brother , we need your help ! “The time is now , to unite !” Dom cried out . Relentlessly he pushed deeper and deeper ,until he saw a fire, and there sat the MAN …smiling at him , as he approached . Strange and magical things happened those days , a mortal cannot truly understand  ,   as  Dom began to explain to the man ,. …a half fairy by birth . Strong gushes of wind , blew and as it stopped, stood Drago and the Black Eagle , ….”Tonight , we will be testing all the powers that be” , Dom said . As curious as he is , Drago moved closer to the man , ” It is you again ! ” he exclaimed , and fell down on his behind , smiling . “We are brothers and must stop this war , or no one will be left alive !” Drago said…..The man smiled and asked the baby dragon to hold out his paws , so that he could touch them , and then a magical  thing happened . The four winds engulfed them both and the earth shook , and the wisdom trees bowed …….Before them stood .. The  biggest MAN-DRAGON of all as foretold in the Book….He roared so loud that the earth cracked open and all stood still in the kingdoms. Suddenly all the battle fairies blazing in flames appeared  …by the thousands..” We are ready to escort you , DRAGON LORD.! ” they shouted in a  thousand   echoing voices .

That day , all the waring old dragons , bowed and knelt before the Dragon Lord ….and peace once more spread throughout the world .They vowed harmony
and love , as they dispersed to the four corners of the earth… ” If we all die , who will be left to tell our story ? asked the Dragon Lord , ” No one would left to be witness that we as man and dragons are brothers and can live in peace .” With this words ringing in their ears the old dragons swaggered and bowed to obey the new way .

If you are wondering , if in today’s world there are still dragons , well yes there is ! You just have to look with kind eyes and heart and maybe , they
will playfully show themselves to you…….

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…….It was the time of amazement ….when MERMAIDS swam freely the seas of the world . Just imagine being able to breathe underwater ! They ruled the world of water and all it’s creatures . Transforming as they raise above the waves . When the world above was in turmoil and fury , beneath the waves is calm and serenity …Believe it !

Katya , a beautiful siren , blew her shell of gold , surrounded by other mermaids , all waiting for her to tell her tales and legends . As tales of old had  been written in every ripple in , the WORLD of WATER , and  holding myriads of dreams and stories , past  ,present and future . Entwined and flowing Giant Sea Kelp , bowed and swayed keeping the legends and stories alive forever.

…….The cool aqua  breeze streaming and blowing tiny bubbles across their slender bodies . Katya opens a large Clam shell , and out flows a stream of gold and silver pearls and a soft melodic humming was heard . Silence , covered the space as wide eyed mermaids waited for her to begin her tales.

A loud gasp was uttered , as the gentle giant SEA DRAGON , gently lifted the pearls to Katya . Every pearl holds a story “, the sea dragon swooned, as bubbles coming out of his nose formed a cloud of silky golden spray, “Be patient , little ones and listen “ it said , bowing and blowing a  huge spray of mist , sending the Sea Horses tumbling about……..!

……This made the mermaids giggle and laugh , to see multi-colored  balls flowing through the stream of clouds . The dizzy sea horses grabbing the spiny corals for help. Whoops , Did I do that ?”asked the sea dragon with a squint in his eye . In all of this commotion a large
Morey Eel slithered near the coral bed …….confused and bewildered .”Tell us a story .”it said .

As the sun kisses the cool aqua water , a tiny dream bubble trickles down to the depths , touching a pink pearl . Katya picks it up and says, “Now I will begin to share with you the dreams of a little girl , a human . All was in a hush , waiting .”This child has always been close to us” , Katya started to weave her magical  tale and all listened closely . Humans , have always been a part of their lives . But she particularly kept a close watch on this little one. Why ,you ask ? Well , it seems that  Diana has always wished to be in the world of the ,mermaids. She would go to the sea shore and talk to the wind and the waves about her dreams and wishes . And the foremost  dream would be to swim and discover what laid beneath the waves . In her mind played a haunting melody that calls her daily  to the seas’ edge , but her small lungs could only sustain so much air, and she had to surface . So much Diana , wanted to explore and understand , but she could not , no matter how much she tried,but always kept a smile on her face , looking forward  for the day that her dreams would come true………..Katya opens another bead of pearls , and an image appears . It was Diana  , smiling and wishing by the sea. All the mermaids gave a sigh of delight as the bead of pearl floated about .
Remember , that beneath the waves lies a parallel world , and MAGIC abounds .

One sunny morning , when the sky was changing colors  , and the wind was spinning yarns and the waves was rolling about , Diana disappeared from the earth above . For days they searched for her , until one day . On the sea shore was a large sea clam gleaming in the midday sun. And people dared not touch it . But as the sun kissed the horizon and winked at the sky , the clam started to open . Inside was Diana , asleep . stretching her limbs and sitting down , she began to tell the tale of the world beneath the waves . On how the kind fairy siren made her dreams come true . ” How ?” they all asked in disbelief .

In the world where mystical  wonders abound , reality is but a fine line between dreams . Diana  was shown another world where water is breathable where legs not fins bound , where trees are giant kelp and flowers are a myriad of corals blooming when the sunlight touches the waters surface…….But on certain times  one can see Diana holding her beads of pearls and would vanish for days , sometimes weeks ……..and on a moonlit night , can be seen as a….

….  LITTLE MERMAID , playing with silver bubbles on the sea shore…..Happily living her  dreams , as the ripples write her story with each wave the tide brings to shore .

BELIEVE in, the tales of the DEEP …!

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