……..Far deep in        Mid -Earth , where  neither worlds collide , lived a beautiful enchantress .They called her Vangeli , she came from within the race of fairies called Veela , and mortal men would be forever enchanted specially when they perform their sweeping dance of love ,taking their hearts and mind as they follow blindly deep into the mystical world .

Wading in the golden waters , the other fairies gathered , waiting and urging Vangeli to continue her story telling . Yes , she
would on certain hours, tell the young fairies tales of old and new . The timing must be perfect , when the moon and stars are in a misty silver gloss and the lakes are golden in glow….and bubbles would raise from below , forming rolling rows of gleaming globes .

The “Egg Fairies “poured the grog and all  lay in waiting , for the story was about why a certain castle  was forbidden for any fairy , Imp and other mystic creature , to enter and step into .  This castle was high up in the sky…Thus as the night  , meets the day and gives a kiss , Vangeli starts her tale….It has been told  when the world was young , she started . A beautiful fairy princess , Gabrielle of the warrior race fell in love with a mortal prince …No one knew about  this love as man was wary about fairies .  Every day as the prince would go into the forest to hunt , Gabrielle would be there at his side , but he never knew this , he just felt something sometimes , would brush his forehead , a soft kiss from Gabrielle … So one day he asked their Sayer…”I want to see fairies and all things mystical “…he continued by explaining how he feels things when he is in the forest….Looking amazed the Sayer , obeyed but gave a warning  to the prince, ” You might not be as you are “! he cautioned …But the prince was resolute and he swallowed a  white and blue stone ,it glittered and glowed as he took it . ” Ah ! Sayer see, nothing is happening to me ,”. he said ,laughing . The Sayer bowed his head , his crooked nose touching his knees and whispered  magical incantations and looked up . Oh my , the prince every movement was glowing and fairy dust was following him all around . ” Hmmm, mumbled the Sayer, I must follow the prince, I do not exactly know the powers of this stone ,I gave the prince ..In fact he should have not swallowed it , but just placed it under his tongue…..Oh my, oh my !What to do ?” And all day , all night , the sayer worried.

The morning dew has just been placed by the soft mist , and the prince was off….he rode into the forest , Gabrielle was waiting behind the large vines and leaves  as he galloped by …In the corner of his eye , he saw a beautiful woman , in full armor,  her golden hair  crowned by sparkling jewels …Slowly , he stopped and pretended not to notice Gabrielle as she approached and stood beside him..he waited for the feeling he would get..but nothing.! ” I know what you did foolish prince “, she said .” Your every move has a trail of multi-colored dust . But are you ready for the consequence of your actions ? ” she asked .
As the tale goes …..the forest was listening !
Looking into her eyes , something magical occurred . He could read her mind , her heart and feel her love almost as if he knew her forever !… he tried to speak , as softly their lips nearly touching , when he was pulled away by the sayer !..”NO.No, No.!” you will be turned into a beast and lose your mind , my prince ! ” he shouted . Was it too late ,to save the prince , because the energy of lightning and forceful wind violently  shook fairyland and the forest . A Shrill shriek , cry was heard , as the mist cleared ,there was a vast clearing filled with Veela fairies , and the Queen was standing holding Gabrielle’s face…..and the prince in chains..
” If you really love him . he must die “, said the queen..Loud thumping and armor clanging resounded in the cold air . A cold chilling mist filled the lake as the young fairies held their breaths in a gasp ! A melodic harp was strumming an ancient song of dreams an old witching melody that only Gabrielle and the prince heard .
A violet green shadow of misty smoke , took shape….All were aghast with fear , ” We are the four spirits that roam the sphere here and the nether world . ” they spoke softly as they engulfed the two lovers. ” Come with us , to a place , if you dare ! “, they whispered….A strange odor , no sweet scent filled the clearing , “There you will forever be , and cannot return to your so called world . But , you will be together , never growing old , no pain nor hate, only ……..what your heart truly desires and feels.”
So deep were the meanings of these words….! When a white swirling mist embraced Gabrielle and her prince , raising them up high in the sky, and through the cloudy mist as the raindrops stopped a CASTLE appeared in the sky.  It was luminous and translucent….
It was said , that the stone that the prince swallowed , called it’s maker….And that it made a way for the two different beings to be together forever…No one can enter nor leave that place ,or they would die , as time is different there , a thousand in our years for one of our day…..So in a night such as tonight , when the clouds are golden and the air is cold , one can see the castle as it floats neither in a different dimension…And hear the lovers pledge of immortal love , as glimpses ghostly figures are seen looking down at earth and chuckles and giggles of children echo in the air.

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  1. 1 roger9527
    April 26, 2010 at 6:12 pm

    Oh, the picture looks very aesthetic

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