…..SUGAR COATED DREAMS…..My head’s in the sky , filled with delicious thoughts of life and how to live it to the fullest ! I may not know how to go about it yet . But take the journey with me , if you can .

Wouldn’t it be great if all the simple pleasures we could think of could be attained ? Young pleasures of life that would sweep you off your feet and delight you . Our life right now is entangled with sanity and insanity , twisted and twirled with responsibilities .

We are so heavily laden with material concerns , that our life revolves around it . It is  an important means to achieve our dreams , I know that . But we are very often caught in our own machinations of wealth , that we lose ourselves , and then realize when we are alone , loveless and most of all ,  lifeless …..!

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just say …
”NO!”Tell them …….
To all the things , people and situations that makes us stagnate waiting , hoping and blinding us , that there are Better , and  Wonderful things to achieve and DO…..!  No mater what stage in your life you are in . I do suggest , that you take time to pause and BREATHE . Release the angst and see the world in a new light . Maybe , there is a new road waiting to be traveled .

Closing my eyes , flying into my subconscious , I would like to know how it truly feels being ….in love ! For this feeling has eluded me for quite a long , long time . I have been one of those who have placed it aside , somewhere and it got lost along the years . Just like everybody else , I was busy or I think , I was more of afraid to truly commit myself , for one reason or another .
Valid  reasons , I told and convinced myself , but now I think it is haunting me . The feeling wants to manifest and be free and keeps knocking on my subconscious …….DO IT , TRY IT , be brave  ! Oh my , delicious thoughts  are flooding my brain .

Hmmmm…..My thoughts are simple , but it makes me sigh and hold my breath . I’m thinking how a simple touching of fingers leads to softly holding of hands , that makes me hold my breath and smile , and release the fear . What a good feeling , floating in my brain , such a satisfying first step to my freedom .  I have jailed my feelings , and it’s going mad , but I’m on my way to rediscover these simple pleasures . I never thought that looking into another persons eyes , can make you dizzy ! Oh my , just a simple look , creates butterflies , that I feel warm and happy . The sky has turned  shades of golden swirling rays  of rainbows . I’m not sure if it’s real ! How I would live to see the day before me . Excuse my simple pleasures ,but they make me feel liberated . And it’s the start of my journey . Young pleasures delights me , a soft tender kiss , nearly touching excites me . making me think how much I have thrown away and missed , all these years .
Holding hands , walking in the rain , engulfs my mind now , giggles and laughter together with ……a special someone . I’ve got to live again , laugh again , and love again …So much …so much I have missed . I wander into pictures of  myself traveling to different lands and places , exploring , meeting perhaps the love of my life . What a fabulous thought , I hold my breath and smile.

Imagine , exploring the world with someone special beside me , being able to touch and share all things silly or not , is precious . A special someone who will love me with all honesty and no pretense and is willing to share his life with mine is……………….! for me a new experience , a new horizon of traveling in life . “What ? “you ask . Sadly, I have turned my back on having  permanent relationships , eons ago , and the feeling is exciting and making me nervous . ” Wouldn’t you be , if you were in my place ? “

I will no longer be standing in shadows and doing nothing. It’s time to smile and share myself  , feed my soul and set myself
free to love and be loved . Everyone deserves to find someone and be with the person you love …..time to get High with love . My heart’s beating with anticipation , my mind filled with sweet thoughts , whispering sweet-nothings , silly gestures that mean more than it looks will be cherished in my heart as I take this quest for happiness , as I strive to complete my life .

I’m sitting here , listening to music , and it lulls me to my oblivion of dreams that I would love to do , to give a try , to commit to ….  To rediscover a life , that have eluded me . And it thrills me to the bone , the new  and old, familiar  experiences that use to touch my heart . As I think back ,  and  a smile crosses my face , I have turned my life inside out . I have happy emotions and feelings of being able to share with someone special who is just there , waiting for me……….! And all I have to do is open my heart and let him in ……!

Sometimes we have to be brave and be the “Heroine” in our own lives ! Sweeping ourselves off our feet !
and make life exciting ……….

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