Devilicious !


Often , I have asked , is that the only way ? Putting spice into one’s life really helps a lot , as I have gathered from different sources…...It helps to be , naughty once in a while , it brings a feeling of control and release from the routine all of us go through daily .  We  only live once , as they say is absolutely true …..So when  we feel put down or bored and most of all  HURT , take a pause and  become ” DEVILLICIOUS ”……!

Use the images and memories that take you to hell ! Transform them into delicious , interesting  scenarios that you never dared to do . And  first and foremost , re-invent yourself . How , well change your looks , to start with . get a new hair style , color your hair differently ,  go out and treat yourself with a new wardrobe , something that you’ve always wished that you wanted to wear but never did . Treat yourself , eat the most delicious meal that you have never tried before . Maybe , you will meet someone
along the way , an old friend , better yet a new friend to be ! In short , socialize .
Play tennis , or something  you enjoy !

Recently , I’ve taken this path of action . Why just plan and think about it ??? It was better doing it !  The world around me suddenly seemed brighter and  bigger  so now ..….Is my mantra ! I suddenly realized that I’m loving every minute , no, every second of my new self  ! I m not saying it is easy , but the change must be instant . Why you ask ? Well, let’s face it , if we dilly-dally , we will over think everything and NEVER get anything done .

Living  by the daily norms of life , surely gets us down .As we have to conform with so many things . I get that , all the  time .  Just even a simple smile  , brought me satisfaction and new friends . I was too busy before , to even think of  doing this .
All work and no play as they say . But  now , I have opened up my life to new horizons , that have just been there before my very eyes , and I have been too blind to notice . You now ask , what I am talking about , Well , I will no longer be just WAITING !
Now , I will be LOOKING !

But , how about ENJOYING LIFE ? We are truly entitled to do so . We are our worst enemy , we hide ourselves when we are hurt , or simply vanish when we are angry with our life !  Well , like I said , “LIFE is too SHORT ” , enjoy it while we can ! How much time have we wasted not doing so ? Be responsible for your life’s well-being , nobody else will and can be . It is your  life , after all.

I am guilty of self – control , just like everybody else , but it there is a limit , and a time to relax all this , maybe your time is now . And enjoy the simple pleasures that comes our way . Who knows , it might not come your way again . And you will again regret why you did not indulge yourself .

Time is very tricky , it truly passes by quickly . One day you are at your youth and  in the whirlwind of work ,you wake up one day and look at yourself in the mirror asking ” Am I too late to enjoy my life ? “Meaning , am I too old now to be young again ?
Like I said , time is tricky….so don’t let this happen to you , and be DEVILLICIOUS ! No matter what age you are .

Going back , like I said earlier , I will be now looking and not waiting .

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2 Responses to “Devilicious !”

  1. April 14, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    ha ha ha. devilicious! do all these and years from now, towards the end, you’d be lying on your bed, look at the ceiling and have that wicked, devilish smile etched on your face 🙂 memories so good to die!

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