DRAGON Wings. of SYNTH…!


I know that , high above the clouds , beyond the twilight of      dreams is the land of the mighty DRAGONS .

People in the lowlands called earth, always feared them as they lorded over the skies .
Eyes of gems , as I would describe them , they sparkled and glowed as they soar in the evening skies…..Are they falling stars ? I once thought they were , because during moonless nights and the wind is still they fly and play in groups of five and sometimes ten . In fact , they look like shooting stars racing high above and falling to the ground with the speed of lightning ……Some lived in the deepest and coldest caverns of the Glass Mountain , called Steel Dragons , with Diamond eyes , in colors of the bluest  blue and the clearest white that it burns . Other dragons , lived deep in the cool waters of the enchanted rivers and lakes , with eyes of violet luminescence  and  Ruby Red , making the water hot or cold .  While others warmed their scaly bodies  deep under molten  rivers of hot lava , a place of eternal and constant natural heat , and their eyes were as black as coal.

Since the beginning of time , the dragons have been seen guarding the  universe  gliding and soaring in the heavens and no one minded them .  Except  for a young man , who admired these aviators of the skies .   Fascinated  by the strength and power of these beasts .  How he wished that he too would be able to fly and soar like them , yes , Racjh  would hold his breath and dream that he was flying , perched  on top of huge rock his  mind would take him to distant lands…………
This is a time of great expectations and bounty , where all creatures had magical powers . I . am called………..
Sânziană clan )
I have seen many many tales of wonder . so sit down as I unravel my long weaves of secrets .

Man lived within the beauty of the forest , and the mythical creatures . I would like to show them to you  ,so I will give you the power of sight as you read on .  The world before was pure , and anything , everything that your imagination could dream about is possible . The world was ruled by two powers Good and Evil , so there was a balance .  So where happiness was , pain also existed .

As I  continue my tale ,  Racjh  had  just finished tending the land and it was almost twilight ….when shooting stars appeared , he could see them  quite clearly .  Loud whistling sounds filled the air ,  and  the trees trembled and bowed , swaying .  A myriad of colors appeared , blue ,red , violet  and they created a rainbow of other colors , as they formed a ball …. then a shower of stars  as fast as the speed of light . Looking up and mesmerized …he fell to the ground ……in amazement , He had never witnessed this before !

As he walked home , the images  never left his mind , the dancing colors and the speed  of light flashed in his mind . ” How I wish I had wings ! “he shouted in despair . Little did he know that one of the Dragons was resting by the river banks , just floating and frolicking . A loud hissing sound followed by a large  splash startled Racjh . Then the water overflowed into the forest sweeping him down . ” Who dares disturb my sleep ? a voice said . Grasping on to a large tree root , the young man was over taken with fear ……raising his head above the waves . He was face to face with the RIVER DRAGON , with eyes of multi-violet hue , staring at him eye to eye . All he could do was stare , with eyes wide open , because his voice left him . ” Are you the one ? Are YOU the one who shouted and disturbed my sleep ?………..Silence , filled the air ,all the nymphs and the elves peering through the branches , shaking in fear .
No one has ever seen anything like this before …An angry Dragon and a HUMAN face to face ?

Whispering , the fairies huddled and waited .  At last , the young man spoke bravely . ” I have forever been staring at the skies admiring you Oh,MAGNIFICENT DRAGON , spare me ! ” he exclaimed . Taken aback ,the dragon sneered and shook his huge body and tail , making again a loud  splash . ” What ? What  did you say ?  Are you
that arrogant to ask such a thing ?” his eyes squinting and tilting his head , lifted his enormous spiked tail , adorned with multicolored stones . ” If I were to do that , what would you do for me ?” asked the dragon  wagging  his tail
over the mans head ………..As time is non-existent in Synth a Mystic land , Racjh held his breath so long that he passed out. And awoke tended by his fairy friend  LAN , a sweet healing fairy . ” You must apologize to the dragon ,or something will befall you ,” she said. ” But first let me seek the advice  of the WISE ONE , before you do anything again .” and
vanished in a puff….

The ” WISE ONE” was a huge serpent , who has lived a million years ,since time has begun ….he held the secrets
of the ancients and the gods ….and Lan always went to him  for help .
There once , was a mountain of gold , so called because it stored all the knowledge of the Universe , here
lived the SERPENT , he was the keeper of good and evil . Slowly stretching his ancient body , one can see that it has not aged a day , gems in alternate sizes encrusted his scales and it illuminated the cave with such brilliance that  mortal eyes would be blinded .              
“Hmmmmm…. you have come to save your friend  ? ” a hollow echoing voice was heard .  “The River Dragon has
spared your friends life , but he must in return give up something , that is most precious to him . A balance of fair trade , that is the way of the universe !”  The skies that day was crying tears of sorrow ,  the river waters were bubbling and hot fumes encrusted the air with a thick mist , violet in color , the dragon awaits . A curious buzzing was filling the woodland . beneath the thick leaves and hollow tree trunks , fairyland knew there were only three things that could be done to save the mortal man…….LOVE , to Give up his Life or to Give up his free will . Which one will he chose ? Lan sadly watched as her friend ponders all night . By mornings’ light , Racjh stood by the river banks , and fell to his knees as the Huge Dragon head appeared , violet gem eyes gleaming sharply sneering and squinting …….the river water rose and churned with heat as vapors encircled . ” I am waiting ! ” he roared . as the waters churned and moved . ” I give up my life ! ” , Racjh  declared with conviction. ” Ha,ha,ha, I accept !” hissed the dragon ….The PURPLE MIST moved furiously engulfing the man …..Silence and stillness ,as fairyland witnessed a strange form emerge from the mist……………A loud sigh was heard
and all held their breath , and the Dragon spoke with a melodic voice , ” I have seen your heart , and it is innocent ! ”

As I have witnessed in time of the DRAGONS , the mortal man was given a wonderful gift !
Man was able to fly with the dragons……………THE DRAGON WINGS of SYNTH ! as it was called…….

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