Fairy Dust…Gemini…!


            Once , before our time , when Fairies , elves and beautiful creatures freely inhabited our woodlands , lived
             " the TWINS ".  The world towered above them , as they were only seven inches tall. Faces so exquisite ,
          That made the flowers bloom and the birds sing when they gaze upon them . One had eyes  , the color of
           emeralds ,and the other had topaz colored eyes …..Twins they maybe , but you can only tell them apart , by
           the color of their eyes , That is …..when they do not change it !
Mica and Anjic were their names .

            As they flutter their translucent wings , you could smell an enticing sweet scent  of roses and vanilla .
          Fairies had duties , like forest gardening , cleaning , healing and protecting the realm . They were the guardians
of the forest ,  each one helped and participated to keep
  the balance of …. 
         MOTHER NATURE…….The Fairy Queen…was the most radiant and beautiful of all , she held the kingdom
  together and kept the creatures in synchronized harmony  . They called her Alma , tall , strong and proud , she
  watched over the woodland and all the creatures within. 
        In those days of magic and  power , a river divided the realm , it’s waters was red in color , and it was said
  and forbidden to cross over , as death was beyond it’s shores . Even the grass did not grow near it"s banks , only
  dark , desolate dead trees and huge boulders , rocks glistened under the rays of the sun . If one stands close
  enough , you could feel the cold chill in your bones .  This strange divide always made the twins curious , they always
  always had to know the logical answer , why  ???  Everyday they would peek at the river banks , as they sit from a
  distance , perched on a giant mushroom . Always , with eyes gleaming , they silently watched , and every day they
  saw nothing .  Till one afternoon , a strange figure seemed to be walking , no ! Floating is more like it . The figure
  was wrapped in a mysterious smoke , as it glided on the river banks . Mica , seated on a tall blade of grass ,
  swaying with the cool breeze ,jumped and made a loud shriek . So shrill that it rose all the creatures from their
  afternoon sleep . Anjic and Mica ran , flew furiously to seek Queen Alma . They told her of the strange smoke
  and the figure they have seen.
          It was only then , that the queen brought out the revered FAIRY BOOK of LEGENDS . As all stood in
  attention , creatures big and small held their breaths as the fairy queen opened the lock . A violet colored vapor
  appeared , then green, then blue….and then a voice was heard . "Silence !", it sang . " We are the spirits of the
  of OLD , we are the WINDS of TIME from the corners of the universe we have come to reveal the secrets of
  the ancients , for it is time . All of you have been wondering about the forbidden shores of the Red river. It is the
  place where nothing grows and death seems to abound . Eons ago ,Fairyland was kept safe from the turmoil of
  mankind , so an invisible dome of fairy dust covered the realm . Now , it seems the dome is cracking and fairyland
  needs to be saved . "  As they spoke , Mica and Anjic looked at each other , not a word was spoken but they
  understood one another . They will do what it takes to save their world . So as the elders we speaking ,they flew
  high above to seek where the crack was . And gathered all the fairy dust they could find , filling sack after sack
  and blowing it all over.  The realm sparkled and gleamed as the dust settled , and once again peace and safety
  was restored ….But as they flew higher and higher , the suns rays burned their skin and wings , and they were
  falling unconsciously to the earth . A cold breeze caught them, it was Alma , the queen and nestled  them on the
  soft rose petals of time . So that when you look at the sky at night , the TWINS could be seen forever as STARS.
  Forever blowing fairy dust , lighting and guiding the others through time .

        It is during extreme times of trial , when courage and love is UNMEASURABLE , but is rewarded in
        TIMELESS wonder , for all to see and remember , for ETERNITY !
        And if you were all wondering , the Sparkles that you see in the sky are their EYES….so called GEMINI…..


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