CinnaBonn & DraC…..Magic !


AS w e look at life , and we evaluate who we have become , so should we look at who are friends are !

In the land of the great  divide , where all  your dreams and fantasies are possible , lived  Cinnabonn , a
woodland fairy . If you are wondering why she was called as such ( Cinnabonn ) , well the truth is………it is a
secret .

But let me take you on this dreamland experience , like I said , where all things can be possible and all things
are beautiful and never ending ……just like magic , wishes come true ! The early light has just began to peep
through the sleepy clouds ….floating , stretching and glimmering golden hues of sun rays appear .

The sweet dew drops shine on the leaves and the blades of grass . All the woodland creatures are stirring
to greet the new day . We find Cinnabonn , still curled up in her bed of soft petals . Music fills the air , as
harps and flutes float in mid-air and the breeze blowing  through , creating a wake up melody for all to rise.

Cinnabonn , opens one eye and smiles as the sparrows helps her out of bed , you see, her wings are not
fully developed yet .  But that is no matter , she always manages to do her thing with the help of the
butterflies , and the birds . As the morning light grows , it shines on her hair , making it turn into rainbow
colored gold strands , shimmering , and glowing . “AH , What a lovely day !”she exclaims . And tumbles down
to a silver pond , to wash her face . The air is so sweet , filled with magnolia , honeysuckle , vanilla mix
essence ….”AH- Choo” ! ooops, she giggles , the morning dew drops tickled her nose .

Everyday as always , she lets her long golden tresses flow with the silver dust and plays with the mini
mermaids , who comb her hair .

In this land between the great Dive , also lived DraC , a mini dragon , who always watched over Cinnabon .
Perched on his magical rock , always ready for anything. For you see , even in the woodlands , there are
evil , and mischievous spirits and fairies.  Who always , make things miserable and hard for the good fairies.
So , DraC took it upon himself the task of “Protector “. He might be scaly , he said, but I can be a hero !
Besides , he added my scales are magical , and nothing can hurt me .

Well, one rainy day, as the strong wind was howling and ripping through fairyland , Cinnabonn was nowhere
to be found , DraC  , searched the blackened waters of the river , under the rocks and leaves of maple, but
no Cinnabonn ….He let out a great roar , that shook the kingdom , as his fiery breath lighted his way .He
was hoping Cinnabonn , would hear his roar ……He knew that her small wings would be no match with the strong
rain……Thoughts of fear suddenly entered his mind . Was Cinnabonn captured , hurt by the evil Mondrag
fairies ?

Deep within the bowels of the mountain , Cinnabonn was in shackles , captured and tormented by the evil
Mondrags ….They blasted her mind with tormenting dreams and was trying to takes away her hope and
love for all things good . So much pain and suffering ,flashed continuously , that she let out a shrill scream
to die. Yes, she would rather be dead than to transform into evil . Laughter , filled the cave , taunts and
shrieks of tormenting sounds . High above , DraC circled and burrowed his way , melting the rocks , turning
them into lava…..His beautiful scales turning into golden gems , ruby, emeralds and diamonds that made his
shape transform ……yet he did not notice…..

With one long and loud roar…..lava flowed into the cavern, his Tail sweeping one by one the evil within .
At last , seeing Cinnabonn, he broke her shackles and lifted her out into the black thundering skies , into
safety . Falling into deep sleep , DraC found himself totally different , he was dreaming , and was feeling
a little pain . How can this be ? He quickly gathered his thoughts and stood up……Hmmmmm , Stood up ???

DraC …….was no longer a mini dragon …….He is a wood IMP …..Oh my goodness . And so good looking at that!
Of course , he kept his dragon long nails and multi-gemmed wings and all that is magical about him .

You see , with every good deed done , a new great transformation happens in our lives…we become “HEROES”
in our own sense . We transform to save a friend , we transform for love of another…without knowing …!

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