Existing in a playground of stone ,  as I walked in dreams ,  I played in world of my own . I was a child , whose world was
changed , my life and dreams were rearranged , when I learned to……live . Is it this way when our childhood fantasies and dreams
suddenly open into the real world ? When the thin line , blurs between reality and fantasy . How difficult does it get when we are
caught unaware ? Doesn’t being innocent save us from from the hard life ? Do what we see confuse us , or do we just pretend to play along , just to fit in  ?

             These are the questions that I have asked myself , long ago . In my eyes and point of view , life was so simple  .
Why then do grown ups play a different game ? Why do they take all the beauty of life and twist it into something confusing and ugly ?  Was I just so trusting and want a happy life for myself ? Was that too much to ask for ,in living this life ?  Was being simply happy , not being normal ? 

              Through the eyes of a young child , torment and strife does not exist , until it is imbued  in their young minds . And grown ups do not realize this , no not at all . They take away all the BRIGHTness and the pure love in a child’s eyes and replace them with FEAR . Tell me if I am wrong , but all the cries of the young minds are my proof . Innocence is replaced with the dark cloud of fear , doubt and torment . From a young age , they are conditioned to fear , to hate and to despise . ……Why ???

             But the sad part about it is , all things good and happy is neglected and forgotten , for quite a while .
Yes, it is not until , my young mind is able to reason out , amidst the pain and confusion , that life can be BRIGHT , if we want it to be . It was hard fighting the pessimistic views of the elders , and overcoming them as well . I have become a fighter  , just to be able to stand tall and see the colors of life as it unfolded through my learning years .

             I have always tried my very best , to be a BRIGHT PERSON , to be compassionate , and loving as well as giving . This I have taught myself not to lose ….in-spite of all the hate , discontent , envy and lies that come into my life …..I am too am guilty of hate and spite , but I quickly place this aside and remain constant in my battle to see the GOODNESS in a person , in people . That often times ,no , most of the time , I am faced with the demons who want to take away the bright colors of happiness from me.

           This will never happen , I have stood and fought against them , (the demons ) and will do so till the end . Life , was made to be GOOD , so lets see the light of love and happiness that shines in a person not the negative . Let us give the Colors of life , wrap around us and encompass us with contentment , humility and compassion and most of all love . So that after all the struggle , PEOPLE will finally be able to see , the brightness of OTHERS .

              Let life bring back your fantasies , let the air bring you colorful memories of living . And look at each day with bright colors of joy . It won’t matter if your heart is breaking or if frustration is at your doorstep . You have to LIVE  , and taste the new inspirations that lay before your feet , if only you look harder . Agonizing , will not make you see the myriads of colors behind your tears . In fact , I ask  you to fill your day with KINDNESS , yes kindness to yourself and to others for you to be able to open your frozen heart , to the warmth of the sun , and finally be able to see the HAPPY COLORS of LIFE .


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