Eyes of the SOUL


    If  we could express and feel feelings and emotions through our soul , our eyes , reveal the real  truth of how we are , during those moments .  It is said that the " Eyes , are the Windows of the Soul " . And that is not a myth , but the truth .

   Pardon me , if you say this is an old line , but we often do forget that OUR EYES first see , before we feel .

   It is the same as the air we breathe ,  we feel the sensation of it’s freshness as we inhale in , life .To think,
the heart beats , without blood is unthinkable . All these things is one whole package of living.

  Looking into one’s eyes …..you see , happiness , joy , surprise and lastly pain . In living , I have chosen to write about , what the eyes have seen . Without my eyes , I could  not have experienced , seeing love ,  seeing pain and most of all seeing  the laughter of a small baby and the joy  it brings to life .  I would have missed out on  the look of love , seeing myself , in-love ( glowing and full of anxiety ) , so carefree and trusting .

   Don’t you realize , as tears flow down your cheeks , there is no need for words to be uttered at all ? All the torment and pain is flowing out of your soul . And a soul cleansing begins , a washing out of the pain and sorrow that life has brought you . So do not be ashamed to pour your heart out and cry …it’s good for the soul and healing begins .

   Every one of us has gone through difficult times , I should know , I used to think that I was too young to
be in pain and despair . So much so  that I thought that , I did something wrong all the time .  What a mistake…my years of pain were washed away by my river of tears . And finally , it cleared my mind , that
without crying and tears flowing down my face , I would have not grown stronger and understand that to live life you have to have a balance of tears and happiness , that is real life not make believe .

   Therefore , as I write this , tears are following down my cheeks , as  it brings back old memories , mixed with new emotions of a love gone…. . The pain is the same …All the lies and deception and indecisiveness..  Dreams washed away……My souls is once more being cleansed and made to breathe , once again .

   Our journey of life is paved by the river of tears and cemented by joys and loves our eyes can see . Are we therefore going to use our eyes wisely ? Looking at our daily exsistence with fairy tale dreams and hopes , or do we become wise through the years and discern , that whatever we are searching for is passing qiuckly , as our vision shifts and encounters minute by minute distractions . Does our mind , our brain dictate what the eyes want to see ? Maybe ….?

   Yet if so , I am hopeful that what my eyes have seen through this life
can lead me to the right direction , and can discern without shedding a tear . Yes , to look at the world with a fresh eyes and go beyond the heartaches , pain and despair . My life , in my point of view would be complete and fulfilled , as I have passed the test of doubt and indesicion , fear and loneliness …..I have become calm and at peace with my own self and all good things, people and times will just fall into it’s rightful place , just as it should be…… a long time ago . And then the windows of my soul will shine bright .

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