An ARchangel called Garggy


    It has been said that , the Universe , once glittered and glowed , as the Archangels and Angels ,promenaded across the skies..Such was the glory they displayed before man was just a thought and conceived. Multicolored rainbow hues of gold , silver , metallic rose , gaelic blues and greens and stoic white , feathers sweep and swirl as they glide with speed through the skies.

       And every beast bowed as they approached to gather the fruits of the earth. Among the winged creatures , was a mythical beast , also equal in beauty , but lacking in grace. He wobbled and swaggered and made a loud snorting sound as he tried to speak. Did all the creatures speak ? You might ask….Yes, all was in harmony. the trees and the plants winked at the sun for warmth and the creatures of the earth was at peace.

      Our story is about a beautiful beast , named Garggy. He had but one dream, to be an angel. He would look at the skies and see the angels as they flew and sped to where they were going.How I wish, I could be one of them, he would say to himself. I will make a big wish, and maybe God will hear my prayer. So every day he would try to fly closer to the sun to be with the angels, or help them as they gather fruits and vegetables and mana from heaven .

      Huffing and puffing he would put them a large pink basket and fly to heaven and place the offering at the throne of the Almighty, hoping that his wish would be granted. And would swiftly return to the earth below to gather some more and help the other angels do their duties….What they have duties, you ask ?  As all things that come to pass , there were rules and delegations of work, among angels too. And God was pleased.

      One day, the Almighty , took a stroll by the river bed , where Garggy was washing his sparking feathers…it bubbled and hissed as he soaked himself, playfully wallowing and rolling about, submerging his huge body and head.., when suddenly the rain poured furiously. He was hit by a strange piece of rock on top of his head…" Ouch" , he cried out as he emerged from the water….." it’s pouring hail stones" !, he cried.and from the corner of his eyes , he saw a figure, being pelted by the plummeting hail stones…" I will protect you " , he shouted with a croak, and quickly wobbled as fast as he can, spreading his wings, to shelter the poor being  from the hail storm…..and as quickly he can gathered his tail ,transformed himself into a ball , comforting and protecting the figure from the hail.

"Are you hurt ?," he softly whispered," don’t worry I will stay with you until the rain stops". When suddenly , Garggy felt a warm hand on his scaly feathery face ,and it felt so soothing and calm….Hmmm, he thought, that seems different and wonderful…."What just happened"? he wondered with amazement ! Unable to move, he slowly opened his eyes. And saw a brilliant light dancing all within , the ball of shelter he made . Slowly he opened his wings, as the light blinded his eyes . The air was so fragrant , and petals were falling from the sky , and a chorus of cherubs and angels were singing…..Archangels standing by , clad  in their flowing robes of multicolor hues, wings swaying in the air. "Welcome !" they all sang aloud.

Looking so naive, Garggy took a small step backwards, and fell down…looking bewildered……He has been transformed. How can this be ? Gone were the scales and feathers ,tail and all , but instead , his skin was ultralucently bright .He has become an archangel , so tall and beautiful as the archangels before him . From where he sat , Michael stepped  forward and pulled him to his feet , " Your wish has come true ! " he declared .Gabriel blew his horn and a chorus of angels sang sweetly in their ancient tongue to greet him into their fold.

When goodness of heart is abound without reservations , and hope and love is mingled with unselfishness , our deepest wishes do come true , we only have to keep our eyes open , and see it . Because , wishes come to be , in many forms and substance….we must keep an open heart and mind and  Believe…!

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