The Air that I Breathe

If  life could be lived again , Then maybe , I would change my way of looking at life itself ……! A lot of us are stagnating , in fear , and obstinacy , in the thinking  that we are meant to be in a certain state , which is a life of pure pain and sacrifice . I know that society has many rules , and they were made to protect us from ourselves ….And that the so called society , has so many tiers , and norms . Some , no doubt are very good , but some should be outlawed, for crippling young minds in their formative stage .

Many of you , I know , lack the courage and the will to live , to enjoy the air that they breathe , as each day they taste the purest of pain . You are caught in a labyrinth , running , searching , being blinded by fear and hate and pain , that we miss out on the simple things that the fresh air brings .

Breathe in life , my friend…enjoy the colors of the flowers, the bewitching scents that fills the air …look beyond your pain, and touch the fresh morning dew , that each new dawn brings . Laugh as a baby laughs , so innocent and pure . Open your eyes , and see a new light , a rainbow of new things to do , to see, to experience .Don’t hold back !

If I could relive my life again , with new eyes , I would do all these things without reservations and fully enjoy every minute , second of the  ,Air I Breathe .

LOve songs , are meant to inspire us…not depress us . But why are there so many SAD songs ? Yes why , are we so conditioned that we must first feel pain , to LOVE ?  Where did all the pureness go ? The unconditional love , which we give to a newly born baby .

That means ,letting go of emotions , so pure that we share , love and give without asking in return….Where did it all go ?  We just , forgot it .

It’s buried deep in our subliminal , waitting , trying , shouting to be free and get out , to BREATHE , and express .

So keep your calm , and think . Therefore, you say ,” I have been a prisoner , of my own doing ! My own tormentor .”

Look deeply , into your self…..and unlock the door to happiness .Only YOU , hold the keys to unlock your own prison door….And enjoy the AIR  I BREATHE….


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