“Prince” in White Satin


       Tell me this , doesn’t this happen all the time ? When WE , think , or lose our MINDS just wishing and hoping for our  " Prince "…

       charming or not , to come charging into our lives and hearts .

 A friend of mine recently told me , that ,  the Giving of Ourselves , to another person is the Greatest Sacrifice one can do .! It made me think , and pause , Yes, it is true ! We do take and give a part of our life to another person , undoubtedly .We do let the other person , sort of or as a whole gain control of our life . Hmmmmm. , you say , "did I do that " ? Did I really give up , shared and lost a part of my life , Or was my friend just so hurt from a past love affair , and was bitter about it ? 

A lot of people , who are in a relationship often forget , how their personal love affair started . And more often than not , they frown at other peoples pain in searching for a loved one . It’s not easy , to find a "HERO" , you know  ! Someone who will stand by you and take your breath away , each time you think about him or her . Most of them forget , how it is to get flustered and have  great anticipation of being able to be with, and to hold  hands , even without uttering a sound , is a fabulous mystery of life . 

Well , then it’s about time to look t your love life , and look at the state  where you are now . Can you honestly say , that you are happy , without batting an eyelash ? Did you have to pause to think for a second , if you truly are ? My point is not to embarrass you , but to to access , how you have just settled for being in the state of no excitement , and that everyday is an ordinary routine day for both of you . This is what I call , giving up a part of your life , your identity and lost it somewhere , along the way to oblivion . And the "hero" has turned into a villain .

So please , be kind and don’t frown at the searching hearts , who are saying "SOMEDAY , MY PRINCE CHARMING WILL COME , MINE JUST TOOK A WRONG TURN , got Lost and WAS JUST TOO STUBBORN to ASK for DIRECTIONS."…….. Humorous as it sounds , it is truly quite
frustrating to be "wrong AGAIN "……and Waiting !

But on the lighter mood of this Shout Out ,  it is really sounds Hilarious . We should , make light banter of a sticky dream . Many dreamers and hopefuls are just plain romantics , but take it in stride . Better to have a laugh out loud , than brood over the long wait .  I admire this kind of attitude . It’s a never give up , heads up personality, don’t you agree ? I can say , they are taking the worst scenario , and took a twist of HUMOR to become unforgettably  bearable and funny .

Come to think of it , it is truly hard to find the right  "Prince " when the women out number the men . The men take their time ,and shop around ,
and obviously do make a lot of turns with so many to chose from . And please do not make a mistake in thinking  that the women of today too , do not do the same
in spite of the competition ,  they are making their own categories and screened choices . Good for them , there is no rush to be tied down to one person . The world is their playing field , and it’s quite vast in nature… So enjoy life and the many loves you can try , before settling down , with your Prince that finally took the Right Direction . It’s the dawn of the new age , ENJOY YOUR LIFE WISELY .


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