AGAIN….i’Ve Become…

Look Inside Yourself

  • In the tireless quest for insights , only silence can make things alright…… when we trade in new dreams
  • for old ……and we look at far horizons and see that there are , no beginnings without endings . We are always changing and taking chances ……never knowing where they’re leading . We take steps , moving forward to take the challenge and try to understand that   we must open our eyes , that truth is but a notion , and that mother nature takes your hand ,  that we must break the silence , and rearrange our lives . Yes,  moving  forward , as the speed of light does , to find the balance .

    We might be worn down and tired of searching, you’ll find the answer , it won’t be long . We will find the answer even once , in a million days , we feel the warmth and the light in our face and be content. Don’t you know that , we must love our own person first to survive ? We must not be just a ,number , to be punched in or out , again and again….! We must have a “Name” …..!  And not play the game of life ,as others would dictate for us to follow………..

    We can face the sun and smile , and perhaps reach out and touch someones ” heart” with just a simple gesture as a , smile ……..  a soft tender touch  ……….  a kind look ……..  blowing kisses  …….. even a call…….. gestures so simple and innocent that we take them for granted and forget to be human .

    Do you feel that you jailed yourself
    and it seems that your house seems like a jail…..the air so stale and thick with whispers…..and you think you’re going mad…….it only takes a look into yourself , to see the monster you’ve become….


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