Serenity , Wisdom and Courage


                   Are you all shocked that I could post this ?  But , it’s just to good to pass by .  Now , now ,
                  haven’t you been in this situation , or should I say STATE of MIND , at least a couple of times
                  in your life , and maybe more ?  

                         Ahh !  Now you recall , searching deeply into your subconscious….. most of us , if not all of us ,
                  has have thoughts of destruction !  What we cannot do ACTUALLY , our Mind does it for us !
                  We are given , a period  of moments to vent out our anger , to plan and scheme  and annihilate…!!

                                 Oh  , The POWER of the Brain….no one really gets harmed , Right !
                                                        (Just, do not
put the plan
into reality .
                         Being " Human " , we are often pushed to feel and think this way , and I won’t blame you .
                    When one gets this " murderous " inclinations , it is often justified .  We were Provoked…
                   Some people are innately Pushers , while others are Submissive…and others are just plainly
                               born " Pranksters "… sent to this earth to make our lives miserable….

                    So Chant the   ," Lord grant me to Accept the things I cannot Change "is …………(Strong humility)
                                             " the Courage to change the things I can " is ……………………………….( Be Positive )
                                             " And the Wisdom……………………… ( Depends on the request) , Be Serene !

                   Just let your THOUGHTS do the deed…..and All will be Better . Remember , If everyone’s
                   thoughts were to be Collected all at once……..There would be a LOT of dead bodies laying
                   on the streets . Then I ask you , " Who would be left standing in this world ? "



1 Response to “Serenity , Wisdom and Courage”

  1. 1 Sonny
    February 23, 2010 at 2:23 pm

    It is said that if you sit by a river long enough, you will see the bodies of all your enemies floating by….

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