Talking about : Life is Random


Did you ever doubt it ? Just take the time to sit still and take a look around . Haven’t you noticed that life
moves along , even without you moving from your seat , or even from your bed ? In fact, yesterday is not the same as today …Or tomorrow be the same as today…! I made you think , didn’t I ?

So why should you procrastinate , and leave things undone today ? When you need to show a , SmiLe .Why stop
yourself ? Tomorrow , the person that needs it might not be around , right ! When your heart skips a beat , and
you feel a ” bit” of compassion , just give out your hand to HeLp . Don’t think too much on your every move . Life
is not a script….nor are we actors , with a role to play ….!

Why condition yourself to be , GrumPy , or SaD….Do you want your face to be frozen in time , looking UgLy ?

Do you want your face lines be so defined , that any amount of facial scrub nor creams , ( botox ) is useless ?

Your beautiful eyes are meant to shine , and look at the world in every new revolution .

But you say , Life is not always happy . True , but life is not always sad too …Then I ask you , “Do the flowers
go on strike , and will not bloom just because we cut them from their mother stems ? ” I should say not , they
bloom and RANDOMLY grow and turn millions of colors each day , giving joy to all . So, I ask you , Why can’t we
be the same ? Why can’t we shine through all the adversities of daily stress and just laugh it off, show our
teeth with a smile… it more RELAXING…believe me !

Now , talking about , LOVE , we can love , without being selfish , without control ……That’s the way love starts
out anyway ….Right ! We feel different , feeling a million butterflies in our gut , dreamy eyed…..in love. Most of all, no cares in the world …CAREFREE…..full of hope , faith and trust…..Stay that way !

We are meant , to be , to taste……. bitter with the sweet , at RANDOM times in our lifetime …!


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