You were Waiting


             There were a lot of times that I was looking at the sky to dream,

                        And a million thoughts and dreams flow freely, things I wanted to do.

          I’d tell myself , that I will add this and that to my list of dreams ……

                   Dreams that would be my escape , from this reality of angst.

          Soon my list was endless , and I became so restless , I couldn’t wait .

                  I had to try and find out , I had to seek my own fate , my own fortune .

          And my destiny was beginning to unfold .  As each daily adventure laid before me

                 all my dreams quickly came into place…..I was living my dreams . And so I thought…..

          I have traveled places , and seen the world of my dreams.  Felt snowflakes fall softly on my face ,

                Touched things of various textures , woven golden threads of life that embraced me warmly .

          Golden sands and cool sea water  were my playground , deep within it’s cool depths…..

                I have done things that my whimsical heart pleases ,  and have met men who caught my eye .

           I have gone great lengths to " live and be loved  " …As  life dictates , as my adventures take me .

                In all of this , I would have loved to have someone to travel with me in my dream quest .

          Remembering the places I’ve been to , feeling the things I have touched , sharing sweet moments , Amor.

                My heart , my life would have been fulfilled and content with you beside me , all these years .

           If only ,….If only I would have stopped to look and see and turned around to notice……..

                 That ………All this time YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING…! 







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