Follow Your Dreams

I have chosen a path that is restless and lonely . In a relentless world , where there is no turning back .

He elegido un camino que es agitado y solo. En un mundo implacable, donde allí no es se vuelve atrás.

The strong winds blow and the red earth shake and crumble with each wavering step into my lifetime.
Making every fiber of my being weak and defeated . My restless spirit longing desperately to be content and
sure of myself ,if what I am heading to is the correct path into attaining all my dreams .

I have built my house of stone , so fortified , that neither light nor love can penetrate . Nothing but an empty
shell , so bright on the outside , but hollow inside.  Showing the world , that I’m happy yet so empty without love.
Searching for someone to love me back, who will hold me close and true, and can make me stay . Yet so cautious
and doubtful of my own self .

But someday , I will find the light out of the darkness . I will finally see my dreams evolve and come true. I will,
I tell myself , that somewhere out in the vailed mist is someone  and I’ll find my life back . I have to stand
strong and proud that at last my dream is for real . I will hold the hand of the Angel of Kindness , and be led out
of my  own prison into the arms of compassion, trust and love .

I must follow my heart , to lead me out of the darkness .
I must live my dream , and go out and find it . Being alone for so long was my own choice , and now I must chose       another path into a different world , a happier place of mind and heart . I believe , in life ,love and two hearts
and two minds that can merge to create a new beginning . A special person to share my life with love and cherish
in this lifetime . I do believe I can , when fate and the Angel takes hold of my hand and leads the way .


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