Visions Beyond


           I , wanted to make some changes , I wanted to do , something , with my life . And  I ……, I ,wanted to do it ,  on my own ,  prove I could survive , all alone , in the midst of all the pain . Well , things are going to be different now, and I’ll just have to face the world , one more time……And here……. here I’m dealing with the , real world ……Here , I’m really in the picture , in the middle of the day…..!

          Is it all a game ? I can’t believe , I’m  here at all …….. I know the visions that we know , can always change. I wonder, why on earth , I came here for ..?  That I have become so obsessed to fly on my own , and as visions change , I  lose, again………..!  And it chills me to the bone… Give me wings to fly on my own…..

          I know the time to talk and visions are for dreaming ….but mine are unfulfilling . One day the wind blows hot and cold…..life can be sweet and cold…..But I am in control , just give me wings to fly on my own….I must be , in control..!
Well , I keep my head , ahead of the times , because when one door slams , another one opens up wide .

          When the green-eyed monsters knocks at the door , I wonder , why on earth , I came here for ? And it chills me to the bone , and  visions of beasts swirl all round me ,  but, I’m flying on my own . And  life can be sweeter now……..I am in control.

          Looking at pieces of my life….on a paper , caught in moments……photograghs… !  It’s , just a piece of my life , forever…..a fresh life ….of my own…. caught in time . Visions captured  to be remembered , for now . It’s just a piece of my life unchanged , unmoving reality , caught in timeless rapture .

          I can’t believe , I’m here at all….Here , as I deal with the real world , no matter how hard the blows are dealt and how hard I  fall   and with wounds so deep…………..I am in control……… You can see by my eyes , that it’s over this  time……!


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