OFF The Edge

    A hand to hold….? Is life so brief and solid ground so shakey , that we search the world , the planet for someone to hold..? Maybe , YOU, can take the time to show me how ? What do you say , I ask…give me a hand to hold , a life to share, a kiss perhaps ? I just don’t want to be alone, tonight….! What do you say ?

I might not know you , and it may not last, all I know is , that I don’t want to be alone tonight..! I just want to start  and take the chance , again. So, talk to me , and jump with me , off the edge….Yes, I don’t know much about your life , and I might not even want to know…but I don’t have a future figured out. All I know is there’s nothing like love to show the way. I know that this is going to fast , but what do you say..? Maybe we can try… like lovers do, and maybe when we take the chance solid ground is below our feet. Does the past matter , when there is so much life , I have to live..?
A Million dreams , I have to live , so right now there’s no better time to reach for you., and hold you in my arms and live , forever…Every night , I reach to you , I know you can feel it too. Right here, right now, and this fire is burning, for I feel the chance to live again. There’s no better time , for me to reach for you, and hold you in my arms , and never let go…we’ll make it through.

Yes, when I watch and look at you , I think I could find a way, and forsake this solid ground…I know I can’t survive another night away from you , so I reach to you , and I know you can feel it too…Oh , every night is getting longer, can’t you hear my call…. Let’s live every dream ,You’re the reason I go on, we’ll make it through off the edge.

I must break free , as there’s so much fear from within , so come with me , and live .


1 Response to “OFF The Edge”

  1. 1 Sonny
    January 27, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    A leap of faith….

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