Mythical Dreams of Plenty


     In the old days , across the heavens, thru the great Divine , and man walked with God…..A mystical beast was roaming through the universe….So Brilliant were her wings,that it’s span changed colors as the wind softly fluttered through each golden feather,  with eyes that glittered sparkling green that it mirrored all the wonderful creations in the Galaxies and the Universe. As she flew and glided , the trees would sway and bow to this magnifecent beast. 

The days of  plenty was abound…frolick and laughter…and most of all innosence . Words cannot describe how everything glowed, flowers of different colors,reached out for the bountiful rays of the sun for their nourishment …So plentiful were the assortment of fruits , that also varied in color and size ..so inviting to eat…Herbal essence filled the air of a mystical , intoxicating fragrance that fairies and elves danced all day and night, gleefully playing…Trees both tall and small sheltered the nightingales as they sang praises of happiness and joy and love. Yes, every animal both big and small peacefully grazed and lazily soaked in the great providence laid before them.
Aquamarine colored water, gushing along streams from the mountains, filling the rivers and lakes, down to the sea.  Striking, dazzling, dancing Mermaids leaped and swam in chorus..Such were the days of plenty, as the silver rain would replenish with each drop of mystical glow …..Man and Woman , all equal , stood tall ,glistening bodies , with sparkling eyes, full of love , partaking in all these bounties from God.. And He was pleased , as all was Good..
In the Universal heavens , multicolored Angel wings fluttered and buzzed….Millions ,trillions of shapes and sizes…That when they fly, and zoomed from place to place,  a rainbow appears and golden, silver ,super fine colored Angel Dust., cover the way….So peaceful and trancquil , and yet so amusing….Always so busy.!
As your eyes focus , from all this flurry of activity..a strange aura of amazement strikes your being. What makes the angels shine and glow ? Could it be , angel dust, or could it be their skin , so radiantly cool in blue fire , pink glow and tangerine peach….really Amazing…! It makes me think that ,God is playful and gave them ultralucent powers to change and shift between the colors of the rainbow and light….How exciting for one to behold.! 
A thunder of hooves , rings through the galaxies, silver, golden chariots, covered with flowers…Masterful horses race around , Golden, and silver metallic armor, so beautifully crafted, with insignas of personal natures that it’s completely blinding..worn by Archangels and Angels…a glowing cloud of billowing dust follow them as they make their parade through the heavenly skies and the world we stand on….As I said, so busy !
Yes,  I remember , in the old days were the days of Plenty , when life was good and all things mystical and magical  could be freely touched and felt with a blink of the eye. How I long for that place to once again come to be…Were mythical beasts fly together with a myriad of Angels and where mana was abound, and Man and Woman were Free from guilt and strife……!


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